“Mid-century-modern sophistication and Portland cool all come together at the Gold Dust Meridian, the latest bar on the Hawthorne strip. Swank and suave, with a naughty side almost like it was conceived by Ian Fleming himself, the moodily-lit interior is a perfect pace to unwind with one of their signature cocktails like the Hawthorne Wallbanger or the Casino Royale. The menu consists of stylish appetizers, salads, and sandwiches, with a few entrées as well. Your secret-agent mission: Slip on your sport coat and Romeos, then drive your Austin Healy directly there.”
The Portland Mercury

“In Short – This CPA office turned bar exudes a broody vibe with dim lighting, teak ceilings, and black banquets lining a brick wall. A pool table and live music offer entertainment but you won’t find TVs or video poker here; this bar is above all a hangout that invites conversation. Classic cocktails headline the menu and are complemented by shareable appetizers like prawns wrapped in savory pepper bacon and entrees of coconut-crusted salmon sided with veggies, jasmine rice and sweet chili citrus sauce.”
City Search

“If you hanker to party again in the basement of your parents’ suburban ranch house, the Gold Dust Meridian will joyfully recall those halcyon years. The lounge brings to mind the work of the artist Shag, in which miniskirted gals with blue eye shadow and men with narrow ties clink their martini glasses in mid-century abandon.”
The Portland Tribune

“i cannot believe i have not been here before. i have been meaning for months to hit it up during happy hour, but just never got around to it. this time though we were meeting people for a birthday celebration and i was so happy when i heard we were heading to gold dust. the inside has a nice and warm retro feel. i love the art and the wood paneling. there are cozy booths and even a pool table. the music was turned to oldies which was perfect.

because we were there for a party naturally we ordered a scorpion bowl. it is a 60oz drink served in a huge bowl, garnished with fruit and hanging monkeys and enough straws to share with your friends. these things are really dangerous. the zombie tastes just like punch. and while you are sipping your fruity drink you sort of feel like you are in a tiki bar, but better.

they have a huge selection of booze so you will be able to find what you like. next time i am definitely going to order some food because the menu looked pretty interesting. i wish this place were closer to my house.”
Beth N.,

“First off, I am biased. I live within stumbling distance of the Gold Dust, and this place is my favorite hangout. That being said, I loved going here BEFORE I took up residence in the Hawthorne.The Gold Dust is fun for the whole family. Provided, your family is full of drunks that enjoy dimly lit bars.

They have an excellent whiskey selection, and the bar tenders are not stingy with a bourbon on rocks. This combined with great food, even better happy hour specials, sturdy matches and wonderfully eclectic juke box makes the Meridian wonderful place to make bad decisions.”
Courtney S.,

“I heart you Gold Dust! I heart your yummy happy hour and delicious champagne drinks. That French 76 gets me every time. I do not heart that I always end up spending way more than I should when I drink with you, but that’s really more my fault than yours. I am not required to order the most expensive drink on the menu every time, I just can’t help myself!”
Nina S.,

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